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"Мы самая "пиратская" группа Норвегии. Другой такой такой у нас нет."

Necrobutcher, 2012



I will present you with this fornication
Something in space time is logically ill
What can be seen in the rear view mirror
Expectancy was a Mephisto's gasp,
Your past was never quite there
There was nothing that loose in the
constituents of your substance
It does indeed exist in parts of your 
neural commitments to the mind body,
Or does evil exist?
There was always something paranoid in the 
ways she behaved in your guilt
Conclusions are never to be trusted
You are not dead,
You never existed,
You are not dead
Her devotees were never that pure,
Pure existence was never arbitrary, 
Not in my convictions of the truth
She gave the demon seeds life,
The necessity of the game given
Displayed a virtue unseen in you
There is gang grene in the tubes 
of the vermicular ethics of how
Your world view presents itself
Contradictions in terms of how
Your life evolves in the chain of being
I claim you were never a part of reality, 
This is where your life lie grows pale,
never known to your mirror self
She was a creature alive in you
But I put my hand through the 
object of her desire inside your iris
And she ran down my fingers 
like the sand in the desert of your mind
Hell was never an option for you, 
Luciferian tolerance yields the given, 
Your dissolving truth tables
You are not dead,
you never existed
The sum of all you ever knew 
equals zero
You are not dead,
you never existed
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